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Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner and suitable for freezing! Packed in a 1L reusable Friendlier container. May arrive frozen! 


Tomato Kale: a bulked up classic with roasted garlic, navy beans, and kale *gluten and soy free*

Chickpea Noodle: basically a hug—veggies, rotini noodles, and chickpeas in a lovely broth *contains gluten*

Potato Leek: creamy/dreamy with roasted garlic and chunks of potato *gluten and soy free*

Mushroom Stew: a thick irish style stew with mushrooms, hearty root vegetables, and a can of stout beer—recommend serving with well buttered toast *contains gluten and alcohol*


Broccoli Cheddah: A chunky and creamy blend of roasted broccoli and Mad Faux Cheddah (contains cashews). 


Cauliflower Curry: A thick tomato curry with red lentils and cauliflower--serve over rice or thin with stock or coconut milk and enjoy as a soup! 




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